A selection of links, about Interactive Drama.

Thematic pages links
This is a very complete list of links about interactive drama, interactive stories, narrative, virtual characters, games, etc.

A web site about the theory of videogames.


Implemented prototypes on Interactive Drama

Like IDtension, Façade aims at building a real interactive drama. Façade is a full realization of an interactive drama, which is currently in beta testing.

Liquid Narrative Group
This research is of particular interest for us: AI based planning is used for dynamically generating actions in a drama, according to plot constraints.

N. Sgouros
Nikita Sgouros is the first researcher who has applied AI to the dynamic resolution of plots. As in IDtension, dramatic conflict plays an important role in this resolution.

Chris Crawford has been developing for several years an authoring environment for interactive storytelling. It is based on the notion of verbs, to which roles for characters are attached.

University of Teesside
Marc Cavazza, Fred Charles and others develop a system for interactive storytelling based on intelligent characters, with planning capabilities. They are currently extending their work to a more interactive experience in a mixed reality context.

The Digital Story Department in ZGDV has developed an author-centered platform for designing various narrative multimedia applications. The narrative component is based on the Propp model.