Interactive Drama: The story is in your hands...


IDtension  is a research project on interactive drama carried out by Dr. Nicolas Szilas. The project is hosted by the TECFA Lab at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

The main challenge of interactive drama is to design a dynamic system that produces meaningful events and allows users to deeply interact with it.

To reach this goal, we adopted two strong principles:

  • an interactive drama system must be based on the theories of narrative;
  • the sequencing of dramatic actions must derive from a cognitive and emotional simulation of the audience.



November, 20th, 2015
Nothing For Dinner, based on IDtension is now officially released. It is a unique research-based interactive drama
offering 20-40 minutes of interaction with a story, in real-time 3D.

May, 11th, 2008
The 1st International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, merging TIDSE and ICVS will be held in Erfurt, Germany, next November. It is co-chaired by N. Szilas. Deadline for submission: June, 15th, 2008.

June, 16th, 2005
The 2nd Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment will be held in Sydney, next November. It is co-organized by N. Szilas. The DEADLINE has just been EXTENDED: June, 29th, 2005.

Januray 2005
In Dec. 2004, N. Szilas and JH Réty organized a one day workshop entitled: Playing with a story: A challenge for interactive media.

June, 19th, 2004
N. Szilas will be presenting latest research on intefaces for Interactive Drama at TIDSE'04, June 24-26 2004.

October, 25th, 2003
IDtension is present at the 2nd International Conference on Virtual Storytelling, November 20-21 2003.

March, 8th, 2003
New paper on the project available...

July, 3rd, 2002
New paper on the project available...

April,12th, 2002
IDtension web site is launched...